• Off-Season Periodized Workouts for the Gym

    It's time for Phase Two of your Off-Season Gym Training!  According to Mike Kates, Pro Trainer, once you've completed your basic Gym Training for Off-Season by improving your Base Strength, you can move onto Periodized Workouts.  This means that you are splitting up your strengthening program for different muscle groups to different days per week. 
  • Off-Season Training Plan for the Gym

    Now that the majority of OC paddle races are finished for the season, it's time to start thinking about what we are going to do OFF-SEASON to get ready for NEXT season!  We decided to enlist the help of a professional this year for our off-season training: Mike Kates, Pro Trainer and SUP paddler himself, has years of experience working with paddlers here on Maui. In working with Mike...

  • Off-Season, but On-The Water, Training Plan

    While there are still a few OC6 races happening around the world, for most of us paddlers, it is now officially off-season.  If you don't want to lose the fitness you've developed during race season but need to take a break, this is a great workout plan to maintain your base. It's a great time to get out on your OC1! 
  • Know Your Training Zones and How to Use Them

    Depending on your goals your training will need to vary.  Getting ready for a big open water race will require a much different approach than training for a sprint between flags.  Knowing how the training zones translate to improved performance is critical in designing a training plan that will enable you to achieve those goals.