Week 1 - Off the Couch Training Plan - Building Base/Strength

As paddling races are starting to reappear (our OC1/OC2 season starts January 2nd here on Maui), we all need a little motivation to get our training going.  From TYSON KUBO, paddler and coach, we will be posting a weekly training plan to get your booty “Off the Couch” and into your boat.

Coach Tyson has made it his mission to create accessible training opportunities for every paddler.  He offers private and group training sessions on the island of Maui as well as creation of custom training plans for your needs.  Contact Tyson at trexkubo@gmail.com to book your session today.  (And read about his crew's 2009 Molokai Hoe win for Team Primo HERE.) 

As a reminder, if you haven’t already, take some time to read our blog post Know Your Training Zones and How to Use Them. 

We hope you enjoy!  (and a HUGE MAHALO to Coach Tyson for sharing his knowledge.) 


Week 1: Building Base/Strength

In the first weeks of any training regimen it’s important to shake off the cobwebs and start building strength and base. Basework is key for athletes who are involved in endurance or sprint racing sports especially if you haven't been training during the off season. LSD or long slow duration is what you need to be doing to increase base when just getting back into the swing of things. Long, slow paddles at Level 2 and slower develop that foundation you need in your fitness regimen to build on later on in your training. Basework increases the efficiency of your heart. Increasing the amount of blood your heart moves per contraction. That plus the added benefit of time on the water to work on technique are some of the benefits of LSD training.


When doing weight training, I prefer to do full body workouts other than isolating specific muscle groups. Since a typical week consists of two gym days and a cardio day when starting out, I like to separate one push and one pull day. Cardio days can be of your choice. Ergometer, run, swim, bike whatever you have available, as long as you get your heart rate up.

Push Days: ex: Bench press/Squats/Overhead press/Tricep pushdown

Pull Days: ex: Deadlift/Lat Pulldown/Hamstring Curl/Bentover Row


If you're planning on getting serious and wanting to step your game up, I recommend getting a good heart rate monitor/gps that will help track your training. It really is an important tool in maximizing your time and being more efficient. It would be advantageous for you to have a device that alerts you when you are above and below your heart rate zones. This way you're not getting into the habit of staring at your device while on the water. It’s also a way to keep yourself accountable and on track.


Key Abbreviations: 

LSD = Long Slow Day 

AeT =  Aerobic Threshold 

AnT = Anaerobic Threshold  

L1-L5 = Level 1 to Level 5 (see Training Zones article above) 

w/u = warm-up 

w/d = warm-down 

‘ = minutes 

“ = seconds 


Sunday 1/2/2022: LSD paddle - 75'@L2 

Monday 1/3/2022:  Strength - Pull

Tuesday 1/4/2022: Rest Day

Wednesday 1/5/2022:  AeT paddle - 10'w/u, 4x(8'@L3, 2'@L2), 10'w/d

Thursday 1/6/2022:  Strength - Push

Friday 1/7/2022: Cardio - 45'@L2,3

Saturday 1/8/2022:  AeT paddle - 10'w/u, 3x(10'@L3, 4'@L2), 10'w/d


Tune in next week for your week 2 plan!

Now, get out there and remind the ocean who you are.


  • Great lay out and explanation of layout. Easy to understand and easy to apply. Mahalo

    John Murillo
  • This is such a great tool to have!!!! Mahalo

    Alton Sanders
  • You probably don’t remember but I borrowed your old Pueo for a Pailolo race about 10 years ago.
    Still at it with Danny in Redondo.

    Brian Mitchell

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