Week 4 - Off the Couch Training Plan - Building Base/Strength

The following Training Plan is from Tyson Kubo, pro-paddler and coach.  While this plan is generic for paddlers looking to build base and gain strength, Coach Tyson can also help you and your team with a custom program, whether virtually or in-person on Maui.  Private coaching and group training sessions are also available.  Contact him at trexkubo@gmail.com or 808-757-1587 to book your paddle/training time! 


Recovery weeks and rest days are often overlooked and it takes discipline to not do that extra paddle or run on a rest day. For most, you might actually feel really good during the second half of a recovery week and feel like you should go and do an extra workout or two. FOMO is a real thing. I mean, if your friends are working out, you should too, right? Its a good habit to treat recovery days like a workout day. Your body and mind needs these days to recover and repair. When training at high levels, burnout is a real thing and could prove detrimental if you get sick or injured from overtraining. What you want is to be excited to get back to putting in the miles after a recovery week. When you start training too hard on the easy weeks, you'll eventually start training too easy on the hard weeks.


Key Abbreviations: 

LSD = Long Slow Day 

AeT =  Aerobic Threshold 

AnT = Anaerobic Threshold  

L1-L5 = Level 1 to Level 5 (see Training Zones article above) 

w/u = warm-up 

w/d = warm-down 

‘ = minutes 

“ = seconds 


Building base/strength/Recovery week
Sunday 1/23/2022 LSD paddle 80'@L2
Monday 1/24/2022 Rest Day
Tuesday 1/25/2022 Strength Push
Wednesday 1/26/2022 AeT paddle
10'w/u, 5x(3'@L3, 3'@L2), 10'w/d
Thursday 1/27/2022 Rest Day
Friday 1/28/2022 Cardio 45'@L2,3
Saturday 1/29/2022 AeT paddle
10'w/u, 3x(6'@L3, 4'@L2), 10'w/d


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