A Chance to Remind the Ocean Who You Are

As paddlers, we know what it feels like when your head isn’t 100% in the game with all the distractions on the water.

If you’re like us, you know distraction can be the difference between being on the ocean - or in it. You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to increase your edge so you can earn your seat in the boat as a valued part of the team. We know you want more focus on the water, more confidence, and to prove you have what it takes. 

At Full Circle Ocean Gear, we get it. 

We understand the challenge you face out on the water. For the past year, we’ve developed new tools and equipment for people just like you to overcome distraction and experience new rewarding challenges on the ocean. 


Paulette and Tamara met one early morning on a Maui beach as they waited for their first outrigger canoe racing practice. As lifelong athletes, not only did they share an immediate love for the sport of paddling, they also discovered they had a lot in common and an easy friendship developed. Fast-forward 3 years, 2 HCRA State Medals, and numerous sprint and long-distance medals, these two knew they were paddlers for life. They also just happen to make a great OC2 team, earning medals in every race in which they’ve competed. 

Full Circle represents many things, built on shared values of inclusion, integrity, and care for the ocean. It speaks to the cycle of pulling plastic from the ocean to create things for use on the ocean. It is the concept of a company by paddlers, for paddlers. And finally, it is the collaborative community they are building of partner companies who believe that caring for our oceans is as important to humanity as caring for each other. It is important to them that their products and packaging are made from sustainable, recycled, or recyclable materials. As members of 1% for the Planet, they put their money where their mouths are. They donate 1% of gross sales to ocean clean-up non-profits, such as 5 Gyres.org.

Next time you are paddling in the beautiful waters around Maui, keep your eye out for them, throw ‘em a shaka, and challenge them to a race! 


At Full Circle Ocean Gear we are committed to helping you increase focus and up your game on the water so you can eliminate distraction.

Once you find the right gear, you’ll have taken the first step to increase your competitive edge.

Shop now to find the right gear for your challenge - and remind the ocean who you are.