StowBuddy gear
attachment system

conveniently fasten or mount anything to your watercraft

non-destructive permanent mounts

a system customizable to your needs

Stow or mount anything securely 

mount anything, anywhere

Any paddler can conveniently fasten or mount anything to their watercraft by attaching the StowBuddy System for secure storage. 

A limitless ability to secure your gear

Just about every paddler knows how annoying it can be to have water bottles banging around in the boat, or have paddles sliding around your feet behind seat 6. And if you’ve ever experienced a “yard sale” you know how difficult it is to get all your stuff back in the boat. Bungee cords just don’t do the trick. With the StowBuddy System paddlers can securely fasten anything to the boat so they can stay focused, keep things secured, and gain a competitive advantage.

Device Mount bundle

Watch Mount Bundle

Essential Bundle

Securely fasten valuable gear
+ Enhance your craft

StowBuddy is an innovative gear attachment system for Canoes, Kayaks, Surfskis, SUP’s, and Personal Water Craft. The StowBuddy system takes the hassle out of carrying and storing gear by fastening it directly to your craft. With our patented, versatile attachment system customizable to your needs you can: mount GPS or GoPro or other critical tech securely, stow additional paddles for easy access without getting in the way, secure a marine safety kit to the boat, food, water, extra clothing, camping gear, fishing gear, training gear and more.

StowBuddy is a durable but non-destructive permanent enhancement to your craft.

StowBuddy gives you limitless ability to secure your gear the way you want to, freeing up your focus, and giving you a competitive advantage on the water.

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